The Afterverse way of playing!

Our values

Fair Play

Teamwork always. Transparency and cooperation are the game rules in our community. Respect, empathy, and healthy boundaries are the cornerstones of our relationships. As a team, our purpose becomes stronger!

Embrace all players

The more diversity, the better! We believe that universes become powerful when players are diverse and have the security to give it their all. We learn from differences and make progress every day!

Head in the game

We are intense, restless, and passionate about what we do. We dive right in to challenges and work hard. We are a high performance team. We play, think, study, create, make, and remake until it’s amazing!

Own your journey

We believe in freedom with maturity. We create relationships built on trust, not rules. We take the lead in our journey and call for responsibility!

Be brave

We have the boldness to make hard and fast decisions. We reflect, question, and act, by taking risks. We have the guts to make mistakes fast and learn from them.

Build new ideas

We dream big, innovate, and share ideas, even the most unusual ones. We seek the unimaginable. We’re constantly working to build new possibilities. And we always change.

Work Environment

WE’RE AN OPEN SPACE! We believe that, to create unforgettable universes that break down barriers and connect billions of people wherever they may be, we need a space that enables the free circulation of ideas and people, and therefore, we build informal environments for you to explore. We encourage teamwork within our universe, where people are treated with dignity, respect, and honesty.

That’s why it’s worth keeping an eye on what we expect from you. Ready?!

  • We avoid relationships or interests that could influence or impair your ability to act.
  • We treat people with dignity, honesty, and respect.
  • We make clear decisions that are in line with business strategies.
  • We comply with the laws, regulations, and guidelines established in both this Code of Ethics and our internal policies.
  • We participate in training on the Code of Ethics and other necessary policies.
  • We communicate when we suspect a breach of the Code of Ethics.
  • We keep our information confidential.
  • We respect the confidentiality and privacy of the personal information of our internal team, our customers, service providers, suppliers, and everyone that forms part of our business relationships.

The motto is COMMON SENSE!

We created our environment based on a greater interaction between everyone, and celebrating our outcomes is part of our culture! It’s worth noting that we’re here to protect everyone’s safety in face-to-face actions.

Don’t drink in a manner that leads to inappropriate behavior or putting people’s safety at risk. Also bear in mind: if you drink, don’t drive! Illicit drugs are also strictly prohibited. Got it?

PLEASE NOTE: As part of Movile Group, we aim to improve the lives of one billion people and we need to think about the diversity in each of them and ourselves! We don’t accept behaviors such as victimization, any type of sexual harassment, prejudice, discrimination, racism, or other acts that affect the respect of people in our environment, either physical or virtual.

Financial Integrity

Our assets

We’re responsible for the proper and safe use of our resources, including e-mail, network access, computers, cell phones, systems, among others.

In practice, we understand that:

  • Passwords are personal and non-transferable.
  • We need to lock our computers when we are away, wherever we may be.
  • We keep our equipment in good physical condition.
  • We don’t leave devices unattended and are careful when accessing public and open networks.

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

We value transparency and information-sharing in our environment.

Movile Group produces important intellectual property, such as patents, software, and brands. We also have a lot of confidential information, such as strategy, planning, and financial data.

It’s highly important that these contents are protected against any unauthorized use! Any sensitive information must be previously aligned and authorized, preventing its inappropriate use.

It’s essential that these data are kept confidential, even after an employment agreement or business relationship is terminated.

Business Integrity

Competitor and Partner Relationships

We deal with everyone: customers, suppliers, partners, and competitors in a manner that is fair. We don’t gain competitive advantage through simulation, manipulation, or abuse of privileged information. Never!

Pay attention, because...

  • We select suppliers based on the quality of their products and services.
  • We don’t establish relationships with suppliers who have suspicious practices.
  • Third-party information is treated as confidential.
  • We compete legally, fairly, and honestly in the market.
  • We don’t authorize or offer improper or facilitation payments.

Government Entity Relationships

Any interaction with the government is managed with honesty and within the law. Therefore, it’s against our practice to offer any advantage (such as payments, merchandising, or special agreements) to government agents to streamline processes. After all, the easiest thing isn’t always the right thing.

Conflicts of Interest

We always avoid situations that entail conflicts of interest, whether personal and/or in line with Afterverse’s values.

There’s a conflict of interest when our personal goals interfere with decision-making. It’s important that your judgment and loyalty to our interests aren’t affected!

Should you identify any situation that may appear to be a conflict of interest, the Compliance team will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Nonetheless, we still highlight the following within this context:

Merchandising, Gifts, Entertainment, and Meals

You may come across a supplier or partner who wants to offer a courtesy to build or strengthen relationships. Has this ever happened to you?

We know it’s a pleasure to receive freebies and gifts, but Afterverse doesn’t allow any kind of courtesy that could influence us in strategic decision-making, be it unethically or inappropriately, to be offered or received.

We can only accept them when:

  • They don’t include cash payments.
  • There’s no intention to influence any kind of decision-making.
  • There aren’t any conflicts of interest.
  • They don’t involve agents or public entities.
  • They’re within laws and regulations.
  • Their value isn’t excessive.

But after all, what do we consider?

Merchandising are institutional objects that are offered or received solely for publicizing and advertising a brand, for everyday use, containing a logo and whose commercial value doesn’t exceed US$ 35.00 (thirty-five U.S. dollars). Examples: notebooks, pens, backpacks, key chains, and calendars.

Gifts are items for personal use that don’t fall within the definitions of merchandising, such as: wines, watches, cigars, electronics, chocolates, or any other item intended for personal and non-commercial enjoyment.

If you go through situations where you receive gifts, give the items to the People team!

Bear in mind that gifts can also come in the form of entertainment such as parties, concerts, tours, trips, among others. These types of events are usually not related to our activities and may create an inappropriate image of our business given that they seek to satisfy our personal interests, rather than our professional ones. Therefore, they need to be pre-approved by our Compliance team.

Meals - Don’t let your stomach decide for you! Meals can be received or offered to third parties if:

  • The total value of the meal doesn’t exceed US$ 50.00 per person.
  • It does not include an invitation for a spouse or other guests who aren’t part of the business.
  • Participants aren’t public officials or have the power to influence government decisions.
  • The meal is offered to a group of up to 5 people.

Donations or Sponsorships

We impact people’s lives every single day in countless ways. We can take actions that encourage the company’s interaction with other events, such as donations or sponsorships, if:

  • They don’t unlawfully influence a commercial outcome.
  • They’re legitimate and within the law.
  • They don’t involve political donations.

First and foremost, the process must be aligned and approved by the Legal and Compliance teams.

Money Laundering

We’re bombarded with money laundering news every day. We know that this illegal action consists of concealing or legitimizing the origin of illegally obtained resources. Given that ethics is a principle, we make sure to conduct our business with integrity and reject any type of behavior that’s outside the law.

The keyword here is ATTENTION!

We check all types of negotiations we carry out with customers and service providers, suppliers, and/or partners to assess whether or not they’re sustainable and make use of legitimate resources. Got it?!

Record of Concerns and/or Reports

Should there be any concern, or should we believe that a guideline, internal document, or even one of the principles of this Code of Ethics and Conduct has — or is about to be — breached, it’s important that it be reported as soon as you’re aware of it.

You can report the situation through the appropriate channel provided at the end of this document. The report is received by an independent company and forwarded to the investigation team, which is then analyzed and treated confidentially.

Should you have any questions, you can also contact the Compliance team via e-mail: